2021 Presentations

Virtual Brown Bag Presentation (February 19, 2021) - Rich Glaze (Barnes & Thornburg) and Steve Ellingson (Vatten Associates): New  Presidential Administration:  Big  Air  &  Waste  Changes?  

  • View the presentation slides here.
  • View the recording of the webinar here.


2020 Presentations

Virtual Brown Bag Presentation (December 16, 2020) - USEPA: Detection of SARS CoV-2 in Wastewater to Inform Public Health

Virtual Brown Bag Presentation (September 4, 2020) - Amy Potter (Georgia EPD)Draft Guidance for Evaluating the Vapor Intrusion Exposure Pathway

Virtual Brown Bag Presentation (June 26, 2020) Peggy Whitlow-Ratcliffe: Introduction to the Center for Hard to Recycle Materials (CHaRM)

Virtual Brown Bag Presentation (April 30, 2020) Paul Farber, Anthony Licata, Constance Senior: What Does Carbon Capture Really Mean for Industry?

Brown Bag Presentation (February 14, 2020) - Karen Hays, GA EPD: Ethylene Oxide Update


2019 Presentations

Regulatory Update Conference (April 11, 2019)

Carol Monell, US EPA - RCRA Update 

Chuck Mueller - GA EPD Land Protection Branch

Aaryn Jones - PFAS US EPA

Herwig Goldemund - PFAS Remediation

PFAS Blog Post Handout

PFAS Announcement Handout

Eric Cornwell - Air Permitting Fee Updates

Ken Mitchell - Air Update US EPA

Karen Hays - AIr Update GA EPD

Jason Metzger - Land Branch Updates GA EPD

Karlene Freeman - GA UST Changes

Jay Kemberling - GA Petroleum RBCA Workbook 


Clean Air Chart Handout 

Environmental Citizens Suit Handout 

Hazardous Waste Reg Update Handout


Brown Bag Presentation (March 8, 2019) - Reopening Superfund Sites Presentation


2018 Presentations

Brown Bag Presentation (December 7, 2018) - Chuck Mueller GA EPD LPB Update

Spring Regulatory Update Conference (May 16, 2018)