2020 Presentations


February 14, 2020 Brown Bag Presentation -


Karen Hays, GA EPD - Ethylene Oxide Update



2019 Presentations


Regulatory Update Conference April 11

Carol Monell, US EPA - RCRA Update 

Chuck Mueller - GA EPD Land Protection Branch

Aaryn Jones - PFAS US EPA

Herwig Goldemund - PFAS Remediation

PFAS Blog Post Handout

PFAS Announcement Handout

Eric Cornwell - Air Permitting Fee Updates

Ken Mitchell - Air Update US EPA

Karen Hays - AIr Update GA EPD

Jason Metzger - Land Branch Updates GA EPD

Karlene Freeman - GA UST Changes

Jay Kemberling -

GA Petroleum RBCA Workbook 


Clean Air Chart Handout 

Environmental Citizens Suit Handout 

Hazardous Waste Reg Update Handout


March 8, 2019 Brown Bag Presentation

Reopening Superfund Sites Presentation


2018 Presentations

December 7 2018 Brown Bag Presentation -

Chuck Mueller GA EPD LPB Update


Spring Regulatory Update Conference - May 16, 2018


Key Note

Richard Dunn


Air Permitting Updates

Beverly Banister


Superfund Task Force Scott Miller, USEPA

Superfund Update


Air Panel

Deanna Duram

Dika Kuoh

Heather Ceron


RCRA Panel

Jeff Cown

Larry Lamberth

E-Manifest Update


GEOS, Eric McRae / Lawton Brantley, Carl Vinson Institute of Government

GEOS Training 


Reporting Under the Chemical Facilities Anti-Terrorism Standards (CFATs)
Byron Jones, Department of Homeland Security, Region 4 Atlanta





2017 Presentations

 Spring Regulatory Update Conference - May 10-11, 2017


RCRA Update - Alan Farmer, US EPA

Air Update - Beverly Banister, US EPA

GA EPD Hazardous Waste Rule Update - Amy Potter

Appendix W and Air Quality Update - Rick Gillam, US EPA

GA EPD NAAQS & PSD Status - Jim Boylan

GA EPD Air Protection Branch Update - Karen Hays

GA EPD Land Protection Update - Beth Blaylock

GA EPD Brownfields Program Update - Shannon Ridley

GA EPD Industrial Stormwater Update - Ann Truszczynski

GA Power Updates and Key Note - Mr. Mark Berry, Georgia Power EA VP

Recent and Upcoming OSHA Regulations - Jeff Romine, Shaw Industries

Georgia Environmental Compliance Assistance Program - Vicki Ainslie, Georgia Tech

Safety and Health Consultation Programs - Paige Rohrig, Georgia Tech

Final Hazardous Waste Generator Improvements Rule - Karlie Webb, Troutman Sanders

VOC Control Options for Industry - Tom McGowan, TMTS Associates

Emerging Contaminants, TSCA - Maria Houser, Troutman Sanders

Updates to Refrigerant Management - Katie Brubaker, Trinity Consultants

HSRA Risk Reduction Standards Update - Chris Saranko, Geosyntec

Revisions to Guideline on Air Quality Models - Justin Fickas, Trinity Consultants


April 28, 2017 Brown-Bag Presentation 


2016 Presentations

 Spring Regulatory Update Conference

EPA Region 4 RCRA Update - Alan Farmer

EPA Region 4 Air Update - Carol Kemker

GA EPD Land Protection Issues - Beth Blalock

GA EPD Air Protection Overview - Karen Hays

GA EPD Brownfields - Shannon Ridley

EPA Region 4 Litigation Update - Keri Powell, Marirose Pratt

GA EPD HSRA/VRP Update - Jason Metzger

EPA Region 4 Vapor Intrusion - Ben Bentkowski

GA EPD NAAQS Attainment & PSD Status - Jim Boylan

GA EPD SSM SIP Call Updat - Eric Cornwell


2015 Presentations


Spring Regulatory Update Conference

Beverly Banister, EPA Region 4  - National Air Priorities

Karen Hays, GA EPD - Air Protection Overview 

Lynorae Benjamin, EPA Region 4 - NAAQS Planning Update 

Jim Boylan, GA EPD - NAAQS Status in GA & PSD Inventory

Keri Powell, EPA Region 4 - Air Litigation Update

Frank Ney, EPA Region 4 - RCRA Priorities & Rules Update

Frank Ney, EPA Region 4 - Final Rules Discussion (CCR & DSW) 

Frank Ney, EPA Region 4 - Final Rules Discussion (CCR & DSW)

Chuck Mueller, GA EPD - Land Protection Overview

David Hayes, GA EPD - Vapor Intrusion                        

Beth Blalock, GA EPD - Georgia Brownfield Update

Mike Elster, GA EPD - RCRA Enforcement Study Case



2014 Presentations


November 2014 - EPCRA Inspections

Erika White - USEPA R4


Spring Regulatory Update Conference


Frank Ney - EPA RCRA Priorities

Heather Ceron - EPA Region 4 Air Permitting Updates

Jeff Cown - GA EPD Land Protection Overview

Derrick Williams - GA EPD Response and Remediation Update

Jim Boylan - GA EPD Regulatory Modeling Update

John Fonk - GA EPD RCRA Remedial Sites Updates

Beverly Bannister - EPA Air Priorities

Eric Cornwell - GA EPA Air Permitting Updates

Amy Potter - GA EPD DOD Remediation Update

Karen Hays - GA EPA Stationary Source Compliance Update



January Brown Bag Presentations are now available


ASTM E 1527-13
Summary of Changes for Phase I ESAs


ASTM E 1527‐13
Changes and Implications



2013 Fall Environmental Conference (Oct 24th)

Tom McGowan - VOC and Odor Control Options

Mike Smiley - Inert Waste Rules

David Dunn - Boiler GACT Impacts

Mark Wenclawiak - Strategic Air Planning - PAL

Sharon Douglas - Hartsfield Jackson Airport Growth and Sustainability

Ron Shipman - Environmental Impacts of Economic Development in GA

Pedro Cherry - Environmental Impacts of Economic Development in GA

Angela Levin - National and State Chemical Regulatory Reform

Anupama Krishnan - Impacts of PSD on Wood Pellet Manufacturing


2013 Regulatory Update Conference

Beverly Banister - Clean Air Update 


Jac Capp - Current State of the Air in GA

Derick Williams - Response and Remediation Program Update

Keith Ziobron - Vapor Intrusion Guidance

Adam Sowatzka - CAA 112(r) Federal Program Update

Keith Bentley - GA Land Protection Branch Update

Eric Cornwell - GA Air Permitting Update

Jeff Pallas

Jenny Dissen - Advancing Climate Literacy

Karen Hays - GA Air Protection Compliance Update



2012 Regulatory Update Conference


Boylan GA EPD Modeling Update 

Brian Gregory Air Facility Information in Georgia 

Eric Cornwell GA EPD Stationary Source Permitting Program 

Jac Capp Current State of Air in Georgia 

Jeff Cown Solid Waste GIS Mapping

Jon Johnston RCRA Rulemaking Update

Karen Hays GA EPD Compliance Update 

Kemker Air Quality Challenges in Southeast 

Ken Mitchell Update on Greenhouse Gas Requirements

Larry Neal VRP Update 



2011 Southern Section Conference Presentations 


Renowden-Business Case for Sustainable Products


Keon-Building a LEED Manufacturing Facility


Hurst-Green and Sustainable Remediation of Contaminated Sites


Glaze-Preparing in Advance for Civil Inspections


Kirby-Compliance Assurance


Kemp-Optical Remote Sensing


Fickas-NAAQS for SO2 and NO2


Brown-Particulate Trends in Southeast


Ceron-GHG Update


Duram-TitleV Update


Wylie-Boiler MACT Developments


Lotz-Developments in Part 75 Source Categories


Bejer-Lockheed Martin Waste Minimization


Routman-Ash Management from Coal Plants


Burns-Coal Ash Regulatory and Legal Developments


McNamara-Updates on GA EPD Recovered Materials Guidance


Bodine-Solid Waste Rule Changes


Magley-Hazardous and Universal Waste Management


EPA Region 4 Update


Tennessee Update


ADEM Update


GAEPD Update


Mississippi Update


2011 Regulatory Conference Presentations



Farmer - EPA RCRA Priorities


Cleary - GA EPD VRP


Kellam - GA EPD Brownfields


Zimmer-Daulphinee - GA EPD Ambient Monitoring


Mueller - EPA future NAAQS Issues


Hays - GA EPD Air Compliance Updates





2010 Fall Conference Presentations



Dunagan - Biomass Energy


Toma - Predicting South Asia Floods


Dunn - Boiler MACT Updates


Saslow - Policy Issues Associated with Hydraulic Fracturing



Rozza - Corporate Enviornmental Sustainability




 2010 Regulatory Conference Presentations


Boylan - Interstate Impacts


Capp - Air Update


Cornwell - Air Permitting


Johnston - Ambient Air Quality Standards


Kemker - National Ambient Air Standards


Miller - EPA's Dioxin Reassessment


Mitchell - Climate Change


Mitchell - Climate Change 2


Mueller - Litigation


Ney - Coal Ash


Smith - Transporation ARRA


Smith, Mark - Land Protection


Zimmer-Dauphinee - Ambient Monitoring